Sunny posted on September 4, 2008 15:27

Sanath - Swings At Nearly Anything That's Hurled
          Kambli - Killed All Mediocre Bowling, Left Immediately
          Kapil - Killed Aspiring Pacemen In Land
          Sohail - Swore Once, Heralding An Infamous Loss
          Prasad - Promised Revenge Against Sohail And Delivered
          More - Mouthing Obscene Rubbish Everywhere
          Gavaskar - Grafting Away Valiantly, Always Successfully Killed Any Result
           Goes Around Venting Angry Spiel Kicking About Rudely
          Azhar - At Zenith Had Ambrose Reeling
          Azharuddin - Almost Zaheer-like His Artistry, Rivetting Umpteen  ...Devoted  Doting Indian Nationals

          Vishy - Vodka Is Sweet, He Yells

          Tendulkar - Tiny, Exciting, Neverending Dynamo Undyingly Labours, Keeps A Record

          Amarnath - After Many A Reincarnation, Now Acknowledged Top Hand
          Prasanna - Prince Radiant Among Spinners, Astutely Nailed Nimble

          Bedi - Beautifully Executed Deliveries Indefinitely
          Chandra - Cleverly Hides Another Nagging Delivery Really Accurately
          Shastri - Shall His Achivements Still Truly Remain Interred?
          Srinath - Simply Ravishing Incutters, Not A Ten-wicket Haul |
          Kumble - Killer Universal, Makes Batsmen Leave Embarassed
          Sidhu - Shall I Drop Him Unfairly?

          Mongia - Many Of Nayan's Gatherings Instigate Admiration
          Chetan - Cantering Hurriedly, Ends-up Throwing Another No-ball
          Raman - Remember, All Madrasis Are Nervous
          Amol - Another Mumbai-ite Overly Lauded ?
          Muzumdar - Mediocre Underachiever Zealously Undertakes Many Drives And

          Ankola - Another Non Karnatakan Obviously Lacking Ability
          Kuruvilla - Keralite Under Relocation Ultimately Vanquished In Lady

          Waqar - With A Quirky Ambulating Run-up
          Qadir - Quirky And Dancing In Run-up
          Salim - Silken And Lovely is Malik

          Malik - Making A Little Illegally To Keep
          Miandad - Made India A Nation, Devastated And Demoralised
          Abbas - Another Batsman Better Against Spin
          Inzamam - In New Zealand A Magical Artillery Man
          Afridi - A Fabulous Record In Debut Innings
          Mushtaq - Maybe Under Shane, However Turns Amazingly Quickly
          Saqlain - Such A Queer Loser Against India Nowadays
          Saeed Anwar - Solid, Authoritative, Elegant, Energetic Destroyer And
          Will Act Rudely

          Muralitharan - Makes Umpires Really Anxious; Look Into The Hairy
          Read A Newsgroup

          Hadlee - Has Always Destroyed Lesser Experienced Enemies
          Botham - Bat Only To Hit Against Mediocres Brings Out The Hash After

          Lara - Loutish Although Really Amazing
          Richards - Risk In Crises Has Aroused Rare Devastating Shots
          Marshall - Murderous Angry Rebel Shall Harm All Lily-livered Lilies
           Bradman - Brilliant Ruler Always Delighted Many A Newcomer - Bragging
          Rights Always Demand Magnificently Astronomic Numbers
          Gatting - Glutton Aiming Towards Tons In Numerous Grounds 

                      -  God ...Almighty,  that Tweaker Is Never Going |
          Gower - Gifts Of Willow Ever Resplendent Gentlemanly Outlook, Wants Easy Runs
          Garner - Giant Arms Really Necessitate Extreme Reactions
          Holding - He Often Laughingly Demolished Intently Navigating Grafters
          Border - Boisterous Old Rabbit Downed Enviable Records
          Boycott - Boring Old Yorkshireman Could Outlast Testing Times
          Hooper - Hopes Of Outstanding Performances Ever Ridiculed
          Illingworth - Idiotic Lousy Loser Invariably Never Grasped Worth of
          Ramprakash, Then Hick
          Sobers - Simply Outstanding Batsman Effortlessly Repeats Sixes
Supreme -
          Only Bradman Ever Rated Similarly
          Kanhai - King Amongst Noblemen Hardly Affected Invidiously
          Hughes - Hellishly Ugly Guy Had Excellent Spells
          Jardine - Jeopardising All Relations, Dastardly Introduced Neanderthal
          Kalu - Keeping And Lashing Unendingly
          Donald - Don't Overdo, Nearly Another Ligament Damaged
          Rhodes - Rather Hyperactive Oddball Defies Expected Standards
          Wessels - Workmanlike Emigrator Scored Slowly Encompassing Lengthy
          Lillee - Loves Injuring Lily Livered Earnest Englishmen
          Knott - Keeper Number One, Tried & Tested
          Miller - Movie Idol Looks, Leading English Rout
          Twose - Trier Who Only Succeeded Emigrating
          Adams - Another Dasher Against Mediocre Spin
          Browne - Bottom Ranked Of Wicketkeepers Nearly EVER |  Bringing Really
          Ordinary Wicketkeeping Near Everybody
          Crowe - Can Really Overdo Whacking Everything
          Nash - Narcotics Aren't So Hot

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Sunny posted on September 4, 2008 15:21

The Judge (J.) asks the little girl (LG):
Now that your parents are getting divorced do you want to live
with your  mummy?
LG - No, my mummy beats me.
J. - Well then, I guess you want to live with your daddy.
LG - No, my daddy beats me too.
J. - Well then, who do you want to live with?
LG - I want to live with the Indian Cricket team, they never
  beat anybody !!!


The cricketer was proud of his progress as a batsman and invited his mother-in-law along to watch him play, hoping to impress her.

At the crease, he turned to the wicket-keeper and said 'I'm anxious to do well and really hit this ball. That's my wife's mother over there.'

'Don't be silly,' said the wicket-keeper. 'You'll never hit her at two hundred yards.


 What is the height of optimism ?
Ganguly coming out to bat applying sunscreen on his face.

What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
The entire Indian Innings.

Where do Indian batsmen perform there best?
In Advertisements.

When would ganguly have 100 runs against his name?
When he is bowling.


A cricket enthusiast had three trays installed in his office labelled 'In' , 'Out' , and 'L.B.W.' .

A visitor remarked as he could see the significance of 'In' and 'Out' but what did 'L.B.W.' mean ?

And the cricket enthusiast replied : "Let the Bastards Wait."


Two aliens were visiting Earth to research the local customs.

They split up so that they could learn more in the time allowed.

When they met to share their knowledge, the first alien told of a religious ceremony it had seen.

"I went to a large green field shaped like a meteorite crater. Around the edges, several thousand worshippers gathered. Then two priests walk to the centre of the field to a rectangular area and hammer six spears into the ground, three at each end. Then eleven more priests walk out, clad in white robes. Then two high priests wielding clubs walk to the centre and one of the other priests starts throwing a red orb at the ones with the clubs."

"Gee," replied the other alien, "what happens next?"

"Then it begins to rain."


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Sunny posted on September 2, 2008 16:17
Stats are moved under the page list on left menu.

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Sirish posted on September 1, 2008 12:38

Inspite of our valiant efforts we came up short last night against a good opposition. But the million dollar question is did they beat us or we beat ourselves?

'Cricket is not played between your shoulders but between the ears', a famous quote by yours truely. 

In my opinion it was a positive that we lost the game as it served well to highlight some of our issues. We hear the words "Shot Selection", "Cricket Brain" a lot on TV but now we actually know what it means. A little bit of introspection could go a far way to understand the reasons of the loss. Here's my attempt at it. 

Some of us (especially me) have limited ability and skill. The art of winning is to best channel this limited ability with some strategy. Without sounding provocative or boorish I am blown away with the way some of us played. Big booming drives and cross bat shots trying to send the ball into another orbit when all we needed to do is play of the side nets and back nets. Its 2 runs everytime you hit it. When pairs 3 and 4 came in to bat, they loaded up their field to protect the 3's and 4's. Instead of biting the bullet and nudging it around we fell into their trap of going for the big shots.

And the reason this issue reared its head was because we get away with this every game due to weaker oppositions who bowl 2-3 loose balls every over. This time when we faced a good opposition who consitently bowled line and length, our batsmen found it much harder to hit every ball for 4's and 6's. So instead of reverting to pushing and dabing they continued with their habit to go for it on every ball. Some real foot in the mouth cricket.

I dont agree with the others that our fielding was poor. I think it was average to every other game, nothing special though. I think they out did us by some consistent running and pushing the ball into the gaps.

On a more postive note, it was good to see everyone got behind each other and really craved for success.

And success we shall have if we player smarter....


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Hash Browns were on a roll coming into this match backed by their 5 straight wins, but, I think tonight we took things for granted and showed a somewhat sloppy display of batting, bowling and fielding.

I won the toss and chose to bowl first, we didn't started well and I missed a runout chance in the very first over which can only be described as one of the easiest runout chances you will ever get. Throughout our bowling, we consistently missed the stumps and after 12 overs our opponents were 104. Anuj and Sunny brought us back into the game by only giving 6 runs in last 4 overs, they restricted the opponents to an achievable total of 111.

Divya and I started off our innings but after getting out on very first ball, we never looked like making lots of runs. We did manage to post a somewhat decent total of 20 runs but it was definitely an under par score. Chris and Sirish, our star pair for tonight's match, once again brought us back into the game by scoring 40 runs for their skin. Both Chris and Sirish showed some intelligent batting by placing the ball in gaps and hitting 4s and 6s whenever they got a chance. They showed rest of us that what Indoor cricket is all about. Indoor cricket in not about hitting 4 and 6 on every ball rather it is played well when you construct your inning by placing the ball in gaps and lookout for 1s, 2s and 3s. As history shows, players who use their brain and look for hitting the net for 1s, 2s, score more than the those who try to his 6 on every ball.

After this comeback, match was equally balanced and we needed 50 runs of last 8 overs. Rahul and Anuj, who were our star performers for last few matches, could not play their best cricket and could only manage 16 in their 4 overs quota. After 3rd skin, all eyes were on Sunny and Rakshit to see us through by scoring remaining 34 runs. 

Batting last is always difficult so we knew scoring 34 runs in last 4 overs were not going to be easy but, it was achievable. Both Sunny and Rakshit tried hard but in the end we were short by 11 runs.  

Even though, we lost this match, we can take lot out of it and be ready for a strong comeback in the next match. 

From my point of view, I would encourage each of you to think about your performance in this match and post any suggestion you may have for the team. I would also encourage you all to give bit more thought for your next match and think about how will you go about constructing your inning and what area would you like to target when you get a chance to ball.

In the end, I would like to say that tonight we tried hard but as everyone will agree with me, we are definitely a better team and are capable of playing much better cricket than we did in this match.

Looking forward to next match.

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Sunny posted on August 27, 2008 13:50

We had another emphatic win yesterday.

Thanks to all the players for their all round performance. Daniel had a special appraisal from the umpire for his looping offies (they were flying neck to neck with Malaysian airlines) Our fielding was below par but we still managed to restrict the opponents to 66.

Our target was never to score 67 but was to win with a margin of more than 100. Vinay & Dan started well with scoring 43. Sirish & Kris followed with 34.

Then Rakshit & I managed to score 43. Our last STAR pair (Deepak & Anuj) needed 57 to reach 167.

But unfortunately, the pair managed only 26. We ended at 146.

Still a fabulous win with some great personal best individual performances (Rakshit's 22 in batting & Anuj's -2 in bowling)

Our next match is on Monday, 1st sep from 8.25 pm

So, please reply to Vinay asap to be part of Hash Browns playing eight (limited spots left)

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Sirish posted on August 21, 2008 12:08

Before you guys get exicted and start commenting about us not being Zulus, Bravo Zulu is a call sign for "Job Well Done". Our opposition were called the "Nobbers" and as true nob-heads they were pissed and didnt have a clue. Overall it was quite a scrapy affair and our bowling really come through. It was the Chris and Dan show. What I found really interesting were the contrasting styles, Dan was trying to outsmart the opponent by spinning the ball on its head where as Chris was sucking them into a false sense of security by his flight and thus getting them stumped in the process.

Was quite refreshing to see only 3 wides from Sunny who was Kumblesque. High arm, really quick, no spin and down leg. Jokes apart he batted really well and stabilised the innings. D-pak (aka 2-pac's brother from another mother) was at his consistent best and was rotating strike quite well. Our fearless leader not only stole the jackpot ball from Dan but seemed to have stolen the oppositions wits. They didnt even look like they could defend Vinay with a 5m bat.

Unfortunately Anuj (Jat on a mission) had an off day but with the HashBrowns in a commanding position it didnt really matter.

I am going to make this blog different because Cricket aint all about results and performances. Its about people and what they bring to the party. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) award goes to Rahul (AKA Heavy Mobile) for always being on time and bringing all that passion and enthusiasm to each game that really motivates everyone. Kudos to you bud.

Before I sign out, I have been reading other comments posted and would like to remind everyone what Confucius said: "Overconfidence breeds Carelessness".

Leaving you with one my original favourite quotes, May your glasses be always full and fun be aplenty.

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vinayt posted on August 20, 2008 11:50



Hattricks by Daniel and Kshitij (aka Chris) have put Hash Browns on top of the points table.

Last night, Hash Browns boys displayed another fine show of their talent and team work. We played very well as a team and supported each other (not to mention Anuj's precise throw which almost cleaned me Embarassed). Bowlers did a great job keeping the opposition's total to a very gettable 70 runs. The team looked confident from very first ball and as expected batsmen had no trouble getting pass the total and they ended up making 150 runs and winning the match by 80 runs.

I lost the toss and had to ball first, I would have done the same even if I had won the toss anyway. Sirish, our premier bowler,  as usual, started off the inning. The ball was swinging a lot and Sirish did well to maintain his tight line and length. He even tried to ball a beamer which almost took the batsman and keeper out. All other bowlers kept up the good work and the opposition only managed 16 runs after first 4 overs.

Second and third skin was the best part of our bowling. During these skins, we saw some outstanding performers. Kshitij, who had a good batting session in last match including his 2 huge sixes, came up with an outstanding bowling performance taking 3 wickets for 5 runs, which included a hattrick.

Daniel followed the same path and completed his spell with 3 for 8 also including an hattrick. I also manage to chip in with 3 wickets in an over but wasn't good enough like Daniel or Kshitij to score a hattrick, and ended up with figure of 3 for -3 (yes, in indoor cricket you can make or give negative runs). Sunny, also bowled very well and despite his few wides down the leg side, he ended his spell with 3 for 2.

We were only chasing 70 runs, and with our strong batting lineup, the target didn't look threatening. I opened the inning with Daniel. In indoor cricket, 1st ball of every skin is a jackpot ball so whatever happens on this ball, gets double, i.e. if you score 4 runs, you get 8 but if you go out, which is -3, you'll  get -6 deducted from the score. I manage to convince Daniel that I should face the first ball and scored 5 runs which added 10 runs to my score Cool (sorry Dan, you can face the first ball next time). We ended up putting 55 runs for the first inning, by this time, the match was almost in our control. Deepak and Sunny with their 48 runs for the skin, sealed the win for us. 

We kept Anuj and Rahul for very end to deal with any nasty surprises, and at this occasion, Rahul managed to outscore Anuj who was the pick of our batsmen in last few matches.




Overall, a very good win by us. Let's keep up the good work.




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vinayt posted on August 15, 2008 04:47

Who would have thought that the team which had lost its first 2 matches by a huge margin, will come back and win its next 3 matches in a grand style.

Last match was no doubt the toughest of all. It was against the top team, the team which had not lost a single game so far. But just like Shane Warne's Rajasthan Royal, Hash Browns had different plans, they batted brilliantly, bowled wonderfully and fielded sharply and won the match by 91 runs.

There were some noticeable performances

  • Runout of the season by Anuj (x2 - a display of sharp and alert reflexes, hitting the stumps on rebound)
  • Catch of season by Divya (thank God he woke up on time)
  • 2 huge sixes by Kshitij aka Chris (Believe me, I haven't seen him hitting sixes before in my life, not even in computer games) 

Check out the full stats at


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